Tate’s 10 tips for being impeccable with your word

1. Speak the truth.

2. Be interested, not interesting. It’s important to listen.

3. Know when to stop talking.

4. Don’t complain. Speak words that raise your energy.

5. Do what you say you are going to do.

6.  Don’t exaggerate.

7.  Be mindful of legal issues in your work setting and do not make any false claims
about your product or services.

8.  Refrain from speaking poorly about other people or other companies.

9.  Use your energy in the direction of truth and love—for others and yourself.

10. Think and speak loving words. I understand this agreement includes our self-talk and how we keep the agreements we make with ourselves. My self-talk no longer includes things like, “Oh, Susan, you are so stupid!” My body/mind would hear that and respond accordingly!

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