What clients have said about Susan’s
Holistic Life Coaching

Susan, it’s like you’re the brilliant herald that’s helping announce my ascension to wholeness. It’s beautiful! 🙂 Many thanks.

Being coached was actually exhilarating because you let me stay in the driver’s seat! I am in awe of your capacity to expand your consciousness in order to encompass the dynamic of what I needed help with and then let it go completely and freely.


You started me on this wonderful path of personal growth, self-healing, and fitness. What a gift you are Susan.

Susan has been a light to remind me how to connect to my compassion and shift into well-being again. I can’t yet even articulate what has been happening for me, but here are some pearls: release of fear and stress, renewed gratitude and wonder, more awareness of connection and love.

This work has had the deepest and most profound effects on my nutrition—more than any of the prescribed diet plans that I have rigidly followed. In fact, it has had an unimaginable effect on my entire view of life and living in the moment.

Officially, down 18# and a notch on the belt. Woohoo. 80/20 rule and taking the word “cheat” out of my vocabulary are my methods. Susan Tate taught me I should love and enjoy and relish in the food I eat, even if it is a piece of candy. Cheating = guilt/shame which = more eating of candy! There is no “good” food or “bad” food. There is just food.

As a result of my work with Susan, I am learning to nourish myself in many aspects of my life, not just with food. I am finding more pleasure in life.

 I want you to know how much your wisdom and light are with me. You inspire so many people — you make joy seem like a reasonable option, and that is a very big deal in this world.

With great skill and sensitivity, Susan guided me on a magical journey into my body and beyond.  Enlightening, profound, and fun!


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