Potential (and Joyful) Side Effects of Nia


The Nia Technique

by Susan Tate

Written especially for you 

 Potential (& Joyful) Side Effects of Nia

by Susan Tate

These side effects have been reported to me by many of my Nia students throughout the 23 years I have been teaching Nia. And, I am happy to report, I have experienced everything on this list because of my practice of The Nia Technique*.

1. Increased bouts of peace and decreased feelings of stress

2. Frequent episodes of smiling

3. Improved muscle tone and a stronger immune system

4. Greater flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular conditioning

5. Recurring feelings of pleasure as you move and truly live in your body

6. Cracking up at how fun it feels to dance with Joy, whether you are standing or dancing from your chair

7. An expanded sense of enjoyment of mind/heart/body/spirit/emotion integration

8. An increased sense of body awareness, gratitude, and grace

9. A delightful expansion of cognitive function

10. An appreciation for the power of social connections that creates a loving
web of community support

11. Being pleasantly surprised at the gifts of the healing power of emotional release

12. A real possibility of improved postural alignment, greater balance,
shape-shifting (weight loss) and you might even grow taller

13. An amplified awareness of sexual delight

14. An increased sense of your endurance and strength

15. Joyful experience of more energy, better circulation, and better concentration

16. A refusal to engage in self-rejection

17. A noticeable increase in the loving words you use when you talk about (or to) to your body

18. Increased feelings of relaxation and sensory awareness

19. An empowered sense of remembering who you really are

20. In rare cases, you may find yourself dancing in the grocery store

If you experience any of these side-effects, please continue to enjoy doing Nia!

*Nia is only one part of a complete program of caring for your mind, heart, body, spirit, and emotions. You are advised to listen to your heart and intuition to see what other
joyful activities can be added to
 your life!

*Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription.

©2000 – 2023 Susan Tate

Photograph provided by Nia Technique (www.nianow.com).


©2000 – 2023 Susan Tate