My Prayer for You

My Prayer for You


The spiritual component of wellness is highly individual, as each of us can choose to know God (or whatever you call the Divine) and create our spiritual practice through the lens of our own religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs.  May this prayer bring you peace and gentleness today.


My Prayer for You

May you see the infinite possibilities that exist with each sunrise.

May you make wise choices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

May you allow your soul the freedom to express who you really are.

May you allow yourself to love greatly and be greatly loved.

May you know that good self-care ultimately supports all those around you.

May you discover peace-filled solutions in the opportunities of conflict.

May you allow yourself time to grieve.

May you use your gifts and talents to create a better world.

May you listen to others with ears of compassion.

May you forgive yourself and others for any behaviors or beliefs that have caused pain.

May you feel God’s presence in every cell of your body.

May you be filled with gratitude for your daily blessings.

And so it is.

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32x32-Circle-84-FBI thought I’d add a short excerpt from the last section of the “Know God”
chapter of my Wellness Wisdom book.

Steps to Take If You Want to Get to Know God Better

1.  Create quiet time each day. You can start by taking just one minute before you get out of bed. Then gradually add to this precious ritual or practice as you begin your day. Some people like to light a candle, read from a holy text, play spiritual music, or just quietly breathe. Pick something that works for you. Treasure and protect that time. Quiet time for some may come, if only briefly, after you fall into bed after a long day. Breathe. Open your heart. Listen. God’s there.

2.  Explore places where you feel closest to God and hang out there when you can. Examples include but are not limited to: churches, synagogues, mosques, chapels, temples, beaches, forests, mountains, with your family, or in your garden.

3.  Take time to talk with God. And then, take time to listen to God. You’ll love the results. Praying doesn’t change God—it changes us.

4.  Remember that what you focus on expands. So, focusing on God can provide a greater awareness of the Divine in your daily life. This doesn’t mean you need to become a monk or priestess! It just means that the more you look for good and God, the more you’ll discover both.

5.  What, if any, rituals or prayers from your childhood hold special meaning for you? Add or create a new practice if you like. Enjoy reading the next chapter (“Pray and Meditate”) for more ideas.

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4 thoughts on “My Prayer for You

  1. Joanne

    Needed this today . Read it in your book, but like reading passages in the Bible, there are times when you read the same passage you have read many times, and God turns the light on enabling you to get the true meaning of the words! I had mentioned to you quite awhile ago the restless leg syndrome had become more severe, and have been diagnosed with reflux in the legs. My arteries are pumping blood to the feet, however due to severe varicose vein problem the blood pools there and does not pump back up efficiently. This creates much swelling, pain, phlebitis and cellulitis. The doctor ran tests and said I was a good candidate for Venefit targeted endovenous therapy, but insurance company declined procedure, please say a prayer that they will approve my appeal. We go to surgeon tomorrow for Jack as his carotid arteries blockage is at or near time to be taken care of. I really need to be able to put “my best food forward” in order to travel to Charlotte during the time he is beibpg treated as well as caring for him during the recovery period. During times such as this, I am reminded even more how strong we “McClowry” gals are! So enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all your efforts to make this world a different place. Love, Joanne

    1. Susan Tate Post author

      Dear Joanne–I JUST rec’d notification of this msg you sent years ago! TY for sharing what you did. Yes, the “McClowry” gals are so strong! Love to you!

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