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Wellness is Communicable



What’s mine to do? That’s the question I have asked myself as I observe the fear that is flowing in between the news of viruses and so much uncertainty. As a wellness person for almost five decades, what I know for sure is that what we focus on expands. So, I believe that what’s mine to do is to offer support by creating an International Wellness Awareness Month – starting today! Want to join me in that focus?

I’m going to participate by posting (on my Susan Tate Community Facebook page) the 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Spirit that are listed in the second edition of my Wellness Wisdom book published in 2011. Please know that I am NOT negating the gravity of any illness–my Pollyanna glasses were shattered years ago . . . My vision is to create and support the focus of more streams of healing and love being added to where we are right now.

The dedication in my Wellness Wisdom book reads:

“To a vision of a peaceful planet through
individual, community, and global wellness.”

To support that vision, I plan to post 1 (or sometimes 2 since it’s already March 6!) ways to nourish your wellness. WELLNESS is communicable. LOVE is communicable.

So here’s where we begin, the title of chapter 1:

  1. Intend to Be Well

Intention is like an arrow flying toward a target.”
—Sonia Choquette

“One of the most powerful steps you can take to enhance your wellness is to simply create the intention to do so. Wellness is about choice. Wellness is the part of our well-being that describes what we have, rather than something we’re lacking. When we’re sick it’s easy to proclaim to anyone who will listen, “I am so sick!” When we are well, we rarely walk around saying, “Oh, I am so well!” But the mind would love to hear this message more often. You might even make wellness communicable simply by talking about it!”

Excerpt from chapter 1–Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Wellness Wisdom by Susan Tate

The Voice of Self-Care

The Voice of Self-Care*

I invite you to listen closely to that tenderly loving voice inside you. Change any words that don’t resonate with you so you hear them as a loving voice you can embrace. You may even want to record them in your own voice!

I am the voice of self-care,
a knowing and wisdom available to all.

 My job is to help you maintain wholeness, strength, and peace within so you can
joyfully thrive.

I reorganize your relationship to living in a body so that you connect more deeply to love, joy,
and your inner wisdom.

  I am the voice that beckons you to care for yourself first,
so you can then fully care for others-when that is your sacred task to perform.

 I support you in consistently choosing acts of self-care.

 I am the voice inside of you that beckons you to care for yourself with the love and intensity you would bestow upon a beloved child entrusted to your care.

I am the force that vibrates your trillions of cells into aligning to be you, as a whole human being, the whole you that you came to this Earth to be.

You sense me as the breath of your body breathing fully through you, as the beat of your heart pulsing in perfect rhythm-your senses delicious with anticipation of all that is nourishing.

Slow down and go inward and you can perceive my presence as a gentle friend standing next to you, offering constant and loving support-support that comes wholly and freely without a trace of judgment or criticism.

You have the ability to choose, seek, increase, and sustain the sacred acts of self-care, no matter what is going on in, or around, your life and world.

Choose me and you will sense a wholeness of body, mind, and spirit that over time will compel you, without thinking, to choose me again and again, until the path of self-care
is the way you live.

*Excerpt from Into the Mouths of Babes, 3rd ed.
Inspired by the writings of Debbie Rosas, creator of The Nia Technique


Posted January 1, 2014

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