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Tate’s 10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Enhance Relaxation

Tate’s 10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Enhance Relaxation
humming bird:flowers
Excerpt from chapter 16 “Revel in Relaxation” from
Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit
by Susan Tate

1. Awaken with ease

Does your alarm clock jolt you from the serenity of sleep? Harsh buzzing noises can ignite the fight or flight response, secreting cortisol into your bloodstream—not a good way to start your day. Cortisol is a chemical often referred to as the “stress hormone” since it is involved in the response to stress. It increases blood pressure, raises blood sugar levels, and has an immunosuppressive action.

One way to reduce stress from the moment you wake up is to choose a pleasing alarm clock. There are many alarm options these days, including clocks that can awaken you with music, sunrise simulators, nature sounds, aromatherapy, or my new favorite, a Zen-like gong. On the days when I need to rise at a specific time, I now awaken to a digitally reproduced recording of a Tibetan gong bowl. It’s delightful! I was so excited to hear it that for the first week I kept waking up long before it was set to go off. For me, this peaceful sound generates a sacred feeling to the start of the day.

If you intentionally create a reasonable bedtime and plug in just a bit of extra time in the morning, you have the opportunity to start your day with ease. If you awaken to a baby’s cry, children squealing, or if you are the caregiver of another family member, it may be all you can do to take a deep breath before bolting out of bed. When possible, take a few gentle breaths before allowing your feet to gently step into your day.

2. Meditate and/or pray

Plugging in five minutes of quiet meditation or prayer right after you awaken has the ability to profoundly affect the direction of your day. Fifteen minutes is even better, but starting with five minutes will create amazing results. You can do this before getting out of bed or find a place where you can sit quietly without being disturbed. If other family members require your attention at this time of day, set aside some time during the day when you can just pause. It’s cheaper than a latte and can be deeply satisfying. (Or you can totally enjoy your morning coffee as a meditation dessert!)

3. Eat a nourishing breakfast

It’s so easy to grab the first “meal” of the day on the run or even wait until mid-morning to gulp down a muffin while you stand by the kitchen sink or sit in front of your computer. There’s a reason breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day. It breaks the “fast” from dinner and is absolutely crucial in providing essential nutrients for your day. If you don’t eat breakfast, that cortisol kicks in and your body thinks it’s starving. Then, when you do eat at lunch time, your stomach still isn’t ready to digest your food because the cortisol is supporting your stressful fight or flight mode by preparing the body to be chased by a bear (or a grumpy boss). So, your lunch just hangs out in your stomach for an extra amount of time and eventually creates extra pounds around your middle, causing more stress. We don’t let our car get to empty before we re-fuel. It’s equally important to keep our body’s fuel supply steady for our best running condition and to reduce stress.

4. Take high quality supplements

Supporting our cells with vitamins and minerals is crucial these days. The American Medical Association (AMA), previously saying little about the need for vitamins, now encourages daily vitamin supplementation. (Learn more from the 2002 Journal of the American Medical Association resource listed in the bibliography.) When we nourish our cells at the most basic level, we give our bodies the opportunity to thrive, increase our ability to handle the daily stressors of life, help to prevent degenerative disease, and control damage produced by free radicals.

5. Be in the present

I cover this topic in Chapter 29, but if you don’t get to it today, here’s the gem: the present really is a gift you give yourself. When we let the concerns of the past or fears of the future enter into this precious second, we create stress. Stop. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be.

6. Provide service

When we provide service to others, we also support ourselves. Being of service is a real stress-buster if we are doing things we love, in a passionate way and without expectation of return. I have a little Post-it note on my computer that says, “What do you have for me to do today God? How can I be of service?” It is a guide for each conversation and each task I assume.

Engaging in providing service doesn’t mean I “help” people, because that would put me on a higher plane and others below me. Rather, I offer service from a realization of oneness, as a fellow human traveler offering the best of who I am at this moment. It doesn’t mean giving unsolicited advice or telling people how they can make their life better when they didn’t ask you. It may simply mean listening—being fully present—to what someone is saying. Service may mean sharing your music, art, or other talents with others. It may mean volunteering or working in a soup kitchen. It may mean working as a grocery clerk and offering a kind word to someone whose nasty behavior indicates he is having a really bad day. (I have heard that the amount of pain a person inflicts on others is directly proportional to the amount of pain that person feels within himself.) It may mean being all that you are, in whatever work you do, so that you can make a difference in this world. Provide service, release stress!

7. Seek pleasure

Be a pleasure-seeking arrow, always on the lookout for a great, joyful target. Awaken with pleasure, work with pleasure, love with pleasure, pray with pleasure, provide service with pleasure, work out with pleasure, eat with pleasure, breathe with pleasure. Or, you could concentrate on searching for things that aggravate you or cause tension and stress. It’s your choice.

8. Breathe

Taking three breaths before you begin to eat is quite a quick entry into a more relaxed state. It relaxes the digestive system, so you can better receive the food you are feeding your body. Are you feeling tense when stuck in traffic? Come back home to your breath. Breathing in—and breathing out. Getting ready for an important meeting or potentially challenging conversation? Breathe. Our breath is such a treasure if we choose to simply call upon it with mindfulness and awareness.

9. Tell the people you love that you love them

We can do this in person, on the phone, in e-mail, on Facebook, or by sending a silent message to a special heart. Be sure to be unattached to any expectation of reciprocation, as that can add stress rather than dispel it. Love is a vital nutrient that can gently melt away the stressors that sometimes surround us. Don’t forget to send some loving messages to yourself too.

And out of the mouths of babes: “You really shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.” (Jessica, age 8)

10. Be grateful

Calling attention to gratitude is a magical tool for reveling in relaxation. When we call to mind the people and things we are grateful for, we may discover that the dramas of life are temporarily placed aside, the loneliness is put on hold, the fear dissipates, and our focus rests on extraordinarily simple pleasures. As you’ll read in Chapter 31, nighttime is a great time to bless the day with thoughts of gratitude. Or don’t wait until bedtime; feel free to take a moment and think of just one thing you are grateful for right now.

We all relax in different ways. You can listen to music, read, watch movies, walk, garden, feed the birds, sew, work in the garage, or create art. Pick your way and plug it into your daily life whenever possible. Relaxation is a wonderful way to enhance your wellness wisdom.

Thank you for reading this excerpt from chapter 16 “Revel in Relaxation” from Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit by Susan Tate.

Wellness Wisdom by Susan Tate


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10 Nourishing Tips I learned at Sanoviv Medical Institute


This happy little sculpture was in one of the many lovely gardens at Sanoviv! I think he’s saying “Ola! These 10 nourishing tips are for YOU!

In late March (2014)  I traveled to Rosarito, Mexico to experience a health education retreat and nutrition advisor training at Sanoviv Medical Institute. Sanoviv is a state-of-the-art functional medicine hospital founded by Dr. Myron Wentz, the founder of USANA Health Sciences. What I learned there refreshed and rejuvenated my mind, body, and spirit at a profound level. These nourishing tips are just a glimpse . . .

1. Digestion starts in the brain!

2. Chew, chew, chew, (at least 30 times before swallowing).

3. Consider replacing your memory foam mattresses and pillows. They contain toxic formaldehyde and other chemicals that have been linked to depression and many physical symptoms that mimic conditions like chronic fatigue. (Google “formaldehyde and memory foam”.)

4. Drink water, water, and more water (purified, room temp). It’s best not to drink water with your meals since it dilutes the hydrochloric acid needed to help digest your food once it gets to your stomach. I was introduced to reverse osmosis water there and have been drinking it ever since.

5. Use sea salt (table salt is overly-processed and really not good for us). I’ve been using Himalayan Salt for the last few years and love it.

6. Choose grass-fed and grass-finished beef and poultry. Ask the grocer if the products are also GRASS FINISHED–many products are labeled “grass fed” but then the last several months are fattened with GMO-grains and the animals are scrunched into confined spaces.)

7. Start your day with a high-quality probiotic and enjoy fermented foods each day and your intestines will thank you!

8. Sleep, sleep, sleep: Sleep heals and allows the digestive system to rest.

9. Just say NO to GMO foods. If you want to see the riveting film we saw on this topic, check out the film: Genetic Roulette.

10. Remember who you really are. You are an amazing being. You may choose to pray and/or meditate to remind you.

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Body, Mind, Spirit Inspiration

As you step into 2014, may you know overflowing wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Please enjoy the inspiration from the wisdom of three of my favorite quotes.


God, help me to believe the truth about myself–no matter how beautiful it is!
~Macrina Wiederkehr


Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except
by your
~Ralph Waldo Emerson  


Today the Divine will show me the way. I’ll move as if there’s a force of love waiting to aid me in every area of my life.
~Tosha Silver

May you have a blessed New Year!   

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The Voice of Self-Care

The Voice of Self-Care*

I invite you to listen closely to that tenderly loving voice inside you. Change any words that don’t resonate with you so you hear them as a loving voice you can embrace. You may even want to record them in your own voice!

I am the voice of self-care,
a knowing and wisdom available to all.

 My job is to help you maintain wholeness, strength, and peace within so you can
joyfully thrive.

I reorganize your relationship to living in a body so that you connect more deeply to love, joy,
and your inner wisdom.

  I am the voice that beckons you to care for yourself first,
so you can then fully care for others-when that is your sacred task to perform.

 I support you in consistently choosing acts of self-care.

 I am the voice inside of you that beckons you to care for yourself with the love and intensity you would bestow upon a beloved child entrusted to your care.

I am the force that vibrates your trillions of cells into aligning to be you, as a whole human being, the whole you that you came to this Earth to be.

You sense me as the breath of your body breathing fully through you, as the beat of your heart pulsing in perfect rhythm-your senses delicious with anticipation of all that is nourishing.

Slow down and go inward and you can perceive my presence as a gentle friend standing next to you, offering constant and loving support-support that comes wholly and freely without a trace of judgment or criticism.

You have the ability to choose, seek, increase, and sustain the sacred acts of self-care, no matter what is going on in, or around, your life and world.

Choose me and you will sense a wholeness of body, mind, and spirit that over time will compel you, without thinking, to choose me again and again, until the path of self-care
is the way you live.

*Excerpt from Into the Mouths of Babes, 3rd ed.
Inspired by the writings of Debbie Rosas, creator of The Nia Technique


Posted January 1, 2014

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